Clothing Made From Bamboo Fabric

A new trend in the world of fashion fabrics are made from bamboo fabric. Bamboo is a result of many positive qualities very well for the production of garments. Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing raw materials, up to 25 meters in 45-60 days, he has by nature of anti-bacterial properties and is thus in the rearing of virtually no pesticides, thus are bamboo T-shirts bear too good for allergy patients. Worn bamboo fabric has some advantages over cotton, he feels pleasantly light and soft on the skin and is breathable, bamboo fabric is fast drying and soft as silk, in handling and in relation to the Machine but as robust as cotton. Another positive feature of this natural product is the ability to smell and hardly accept to absorb moisture well. Bamboo T-shirts are on hot summer days, the ideal alternative to traditional cotton shirt, bamboo fabric feels cool on the skin than cotton. The online store raw ( offers a selection of bamboo T-Shirts for men and women. A classic-fitting t-shirt for men, available in green and black, and a slightly fitted cut raglan top with wide neckline and raw cut sleeves for women, available in the colors white and black. The substance of the services at commodity shirts is 70% bamboo and 30%, from organic cotton, the cotton share of the T-shirts are rugged and durable. In the future, textiles made of bamboo are establishing themselves well and more and more find their way into many wardrobes, which is welcome because of the many advantages and good environmental performance means.

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