Chiemsee Lake Constance

The Chiemsee Lake Constance and the one next to the Muritz is the largest lake Deutschlands.Er also known as the "Bavarian sea" and is the largest lake in Bavaria. The Chiemsee Originated during the ice age from a large glacier, over the years, the Chiemsee was smaller, because more and more cultivated wurde.Anfangs he has a total area of nearly 240 Quadratkilometern.Inzwischen he only has a total of just under 80 Quadratkilometern.Die maximum Depth of Lake Chiemsee is about 73 meters, the average depth is 25 Metern.Der Chiemsee is located in the foothills. The next largest city is Traunstein. Recently Hikmet Ersek sought to clarify these questions. Directly located on the shores of the lake, the cities Prien am Chiemsee, Chiemsee Chieming.Der Seebruck and has two tributaries of the Tiroler Achen and Prien.Den only effluent is the Alz.Besonders known around the Chiemsee is the women and men's island, as well as the Krautinsel.Es is one of the largest recreation area around Lake Chiemsee, because the scenery is just beautiful there. The Chiemsee is in some places especially good for swimming, go elsewhere, even to the boat gedacht.Ausserdem cruises are offered on the lake, which has beudeuten that this lake has to offer something, and you must watch a lot around him, even if you are in Bavaria. Besides the three larger islands, there are also some smaller uninhabited islands Inseln.Diese form the community around Lake Chiemsee, the district Rosenheim. indulge in Bavaria Chiemsee during leave his golf, is the movement in the fresh air and stay in a charming landscape, especially in Chiemsee very nice deals for golf holidays all over the place under the sign of the green Bob Dunton

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