Canine Rescue

On this important progress has been specifically the city of Sevilla, a pioneer in Spain, approved by Resolution, November 15, 2006, that the method Chest is the formal system of training and intervention to rescue dog teams in the city of Seville, This entailed the adoption of an important preventive measure and consistent progress in the framework of protection and public safety of citizens against various types of claims, a proposal from the Head of SEPEIS (Prevention Service, Fire Fighting and Rescue) Sevilla City Council. Earlier in the same year the Parliament of Andalusia approved unanimously by non-legislative proposal that the method Bunker was the official system in Andalusia. Regarding the Resolution adopted by the Parliament of Andalusia, which recently informed the Ombudsman of Andalusia (Official Gazette of the Parliament of Andalucia n 231) suggests officially to the Ministry of Interior of the Andalusian as soon take on the approval of the Method NLP Chest. This as stated in Art. 37. j) k) of the Law 2 / 2002 of November 11, Emergency Management of Andalusia and the Statute of Autonomy for Andalusia.

And, according to the resolution adopted by the Parliament of Andalucia for the Proposal not of law on approval of Chest Method for training rescue dog units (BOPA No.. 378 Andalusia, February 15, 2006 Page No.. 21 243 .) The method Bunker, on the basis of its high level of efficiency proven by numerous experts (actual location for people buried or other points of extreme difficulty in perceptual) has been also adopted as the official system of training and intervention for canine teams rescue by the governments of countries affected by a seismic risk, such as El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, Armenia ( Colombia).

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