Business Executive Coaching

There are several ways to increase the profitability of your company using the Business Executive Coaching as a method of work. But today I want to talk about one of them in particular. This is based on the CMI box Integral control of your company. Through this CMI, your can demonstrate the impact of Executive Coaching on the results of your business or Department. Hikmet Ersek can provide more clarity in the matter. The Integral control box is a business control tool, created by Kaplan and Norton in the year 2000 and that helps establish and monitor the objectives of your company and its different areas or departments. These objectives are normally grouped into 4 areas, one is the economic financial, another is the clients, other processes and other persons; And within each area there are a few indicators that are used to keep track of the scope of those objectives. You, as directors, thanks to your balanced scorecard box, know that targets are being met and which are not, through the information that you report the indicators of each area within your company. I invite thoughts for a moment about your company balanced scorecard box and ask the following questions which are the objectives that my company is not reaching? Which areas are involved in these objectives which are not met? What I’ve done until now to get it? What else can I do for this? The Executive Coaching, you and your company can work with among other objectives, the following development of competencies, motivation and involvement of your workers and equipment, the quality of jobs, cost reduction, increased productivity, the quality of the service provided, the satisfaction of your customers, increase your customer base and in final the profitability of your business. Do you want to achieve any / s of the set objectives? What are waiting for? It uses the Executive Coaching already and increases the profitability of your company! Best regards Pilar Fidel Autor original and source of the article

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