Business Contacts

However, there are certain rules which should be followed in any case. For example – in our culture decided to specify not only the name, but also the Middle man – let's not forget their roots! Moreover, it appears that the first to indicate the name and then to name and patronymic – exposure to Western standards (first – name, and then – Name) – hardly cause pleasure. Then, should indicate your status – location, position, membership of a particular organization, other relevant information for cases under that is your business card. Next, you need at least two of your contacts – two phones (better – mobile and fixed), or phone and e-mail. With four or more contacts on the card look is strange – this may indicate a too-much non-permanent way of life of the card holder. Separately, there is a question for the indication of your website (if you have it).

Most often it is quite appropriate as a supplement to your contacts – the site of your counterparts will find more information about you unless it is needed. But there is one rule – do not indicate a personal business card site of your organization, if only on this site does not have your personal page – then you can only specify it. Residence address, home telephone number – it is appropriate to point only to a very personal contacts – to people you trust completely. By the way say – the excessive amount of text on your business card – it is just one indication of what you are trying to grasp the immensity – in one card to reflect all information about yourself. Official site: Chobani Foundation. In this case, you should think about the division of information and the creation of an additional card. Monogram. Looks great on your personal business card monogram – specially designed for your initials and occupation of a beautiful wreath intricately combined letters.

It is not only extremely stylish, but also talks about sreznom approach, the Cardholder to their image. But do not try to assign someone else's monogram, even if it suits you to sign! It is known that plagiarism is punishable by – think about it, and if so, you'll find the same monogram on the card of his business partner with whom you had just been exchanged business cards? Then we'll enter into unnecessary explanations. It is best to order the development of Individual Monogram professional artists – the cost of such work is now fully accessible to all (). Complicated monogram on your business card – will undoubtedly attract attention to your persona. Continued should! Bogdanov KV

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