Business Cards Websites

I can say that it is very difficult to separate Internet sites for a particular type. This is one of many marketing moves, because any site can contain different types. This is basically done, that would potentially client was easier to navigate in unfamiliar areas. This can be compared with the contents of the book or the menu on the site. Imagine how it would be difficult to orient the reader, if in a book he takes on, there would be content or on the website would not have menus.

Although, if we called the article "What are the sites," then I will try to divide them into types. Site business card is the easiest site with minimal investment for companies and typical sections "Goods and Services", "Price List", "Company," "Contact," "Company News", "Guestbook". "News" section on the site is managed, ie You can add new and remove existing news. Create a site card is ideal for small companies and a quick start, willing to provide it possible for clients to find information about them on the Internet. Business site here, I'm not even going to limit you in fantasies, but only to say about the required components of a business site. Business site is your face on the Internet and it completely reflects your attitude to the client, even if he came to your site after visiting the office.

On business site must be an "electronic office" for users, presentation of services offered, and various forms of feedback and a more detailed description of various services, search by category and services. As promised, here I will not limit you. Electronic directory or catalog of products on this site, in addition to the site card, you receive an electronic catalog of products that your company produces. This site is already possible use as a marketing tool to promote your company, since you have admin panel to which you can add an unlimited number of pages with your products. Add information and photos online store I think that with this type of site you already know firsthand, and I think it is not necessary to describe it in more detail. This is a site through which the electron commercial activities of the company, namely the sale of goods and services. Payment on such site by or with the help of electronic money (Web Money, Yandex – money, through bank cards, etc.) or on delivery of goods. All necessary manipulation of the commodity you can do online e-shop (to buy the goods, cancel the order, coordinate the delivery time, make a complaint, to pay for the goods, etc.). Corporate site in principle corporate web site can be divided into two types, the first is an internal corporate website for the company, which does not know customers and users, or large corporate site, which combines the large holding companies. If we talk about the internal corporate website, it is often used as a small library for the staff to the presence of different document templates, company information (personal data, contacts, etc.), base employee, general documentation, and various company news, orders, etc. Speaking of the corporate website as a holding company, it is often general information about the companies, what they do, contact information and continue to have many who have enough imagination, because it is difficult to predict anything, and you head to score extra information is not necessary.

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