Blogueiro Day

All had been convoked for the meeting and most strange than it could seem, had been only the men, the email said thus: Prezados, I convoke all for a meeting to deal with subject of interest of all. Place: 5 to walk final of the corridor 2 carries the right. For more information see this site: Hikmet Ersek. Schedule: 15:00 hours. Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek. The presence of all is necessary. Yours truly, Managing Carlos of Area Some, more hasty wanted to know the guideline of the meeting, had been to ask for D. Anita, but it also was surprise handle and not wise person nothing of the meeting, some had continued working leaving to be worried about the place and the guideline of the meeting a little before the 15 hours. They lacked to 15 minutes for the three hours of the afternoon the beeper of outlook it started to inform on the meeting. To the measure that we went walking for the end of the corridor we start to perceive where was the meeting.

_ Isqui cannot be, will be that this certain o place? _ Is same here, this not seeing the staff. We capsize for brings and there it came Dr. Carlos with notebook underneath of the arm. It did not have doubts, was there. Dr. Carlos entered, complimented to all and started to speak.

– The meeting is fast, vocs must be finding odd the place of the meeting, but this is a subject that already was debated varies lectures in the company and as if it did not decide the problem we go a lecture more. All were looked at, were all in boat, the same responsible of area, lead of process, controlling all at last. Dr. Carlos started the meeting placing the Power intitled Point & ldquo; Thus not of & rdquo; we start to see how much it was constrangedora boat and the situation, even so we lived deeply it in the day the day, was each image that is until bad describing, an embarrassing situation. A nastiness! It knows where was the meeting? In the masculine bathroom, the images were so strong with that, of this day in ahead, we learn that the good use of bathrooms also is a form of respect to the colleagues and we ourselves. My name is Z Iscritrio and taste to write on that it happens in the world of the offices.

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