Etymologically the word astrology comes from the Greek astron, meaning star and logos, meaning the treaty. It is the science of the stars who teaches calculate their effects, and its alleged influence more or less direct involvement in the events and for other than human. Its origins go back to the remotest antiquity, presumably contemplating the movements of the stars and the observation of the regular succession of day and seasons, led the early man to believe that the heavenly bodies exercised in human than a decisive influence, attributing a divine character, hence it is confused in those days of astrology to the worship of the stars and astronomy. That divine character given by the ancient heavenly bodies was the cause of studying their movements and the alleged influence on the destiny of man, were reserved to priests. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeff Gennette by clicking through. The origin of the cult of the stars, was given in the village Chaldean, Chaldean priests were astrologers profession.

The Egyptians and Chaldeans take credit for having created the science of the stars. The fundamental idea of astrology was that all phenomena of the universe were linked together by a close relationship, covering what was happening in the physical world, in the animal world and the human will. In ancient times was very proven the theory that viewed the universe as an enormous living being, megacosmos, which man, the microcosm, it was only a miniature. The influence of the stars on the various parts of the human body, was the favorite theme of astrologers and philosophers of antiquity.

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