The destination URL can contain up to 1,024 characters and represents the actual web page to which users will access after clicking on the ad. With regard to choosing keywords, it should be noted that each of these must be entered on a separate line (press Enter on your keyboard after typing each keyword or phrase.) For more profitable results, make sure that this kind of words you enter are specific to the site or product itself. The keyword tool helps you find those that maybe he was not occurred. You can also create new lists with different keywords or edit the current list provided you want. Therefore, we recommend you start with a few keywords to see which perform better. In the third step is to define the price.

This will select the currency you want to use, and then define the cost per click and daily budget. You can spend the amount you want each day and there is no minimum budget. Crawford Lake Capital Management has similar goals. This should match the amount to pay each month for your advertising campaign divided by the number of days in the month. Keep in mind that the currency you choose will apply to both billing and payment. Therefore, if you select U.S. dollars, payment will be requested and accepted in the same currency. Once you have selected a currency for the account, and can not be changed later. Depending on the keywords that are introduced, the AdWords system will calculate a recommended maximum cost per click and display the clicks and the daily costs that would result from it.

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