Be on the course and decisive construction of change is possible) the more camouflaged paradigm, quasi invisible and effective, is the surreptitious installation of the culture of the anti-aging and that presence is confirmation that exclusion exists and must flee to not discuss it-this attempt of escape is a fragmentation, psychic and social consequences. Then, the body is the only intended the advertisement status of exclusion that exists only that is equipped with disvalor, not the content, not the spirit – the crisis is valued then as what has been subtracted from the memory, and that she stays it is measured as residue and not value-then talks about reintegration from outside the process of losses, losses that override the person by reflections on death, item that is installed as a loss, and isn’t it.-is actually a revaluation of the rest of life and of the modifications of the axiology of agendas, their last pages-the most harmful is not perceiving that the first and nearly half of the pages of that agenda are not post modern, are older and, post is actually attempting to closing that come back in attitude that is intended to repair. Give the man more money and resources and it will be less anxious, it will be more secure, more creative to decide on the purposes of the rest of his life, is as if the revitalization of these few pages to be filled were it as if it were the first.-what some call the creative act that person can build it betterPerhaps much better that the devotees of the anti-aging, that actually is the culture of accountability early.-the current welfare system is not guilty, so are those who have made possible it, and the totalizing revision of these older acts, is what the judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice has pointed out in the Badaro case.-so should be read in such failureat the barricades they can also help those who metabolize the concept of death, and it is not any barricade, is is that confirms the possibility that the future is also Constructible by everyone, really for everyone-to me, this happens to me and I have vivid dreams and hopes that sere party of change who has dreams where they work and where people live, which is more or less the same, even with the eyes facing the nothingnessthat put us in front of them so close that door than others, they dare not cross. I Yes, and there will be and the end will not be, is only the desire of the adversary and mine.-do not, and when already can’t remember what is essential, the rest of my memory will say that I do, and I’ll do it-which is lucky to have a job, have also fortunate to write, speak or think about him, even plain, repetitive, lacking courage or creation, always lets us know us more, and others, which is more than important to know far it goes, because this is useful, rewarding and builds even our esteem and our judgment about others and their actions and omissions; us aid to be part of a whole unfinished, mutated, defective and virtues more extensive than ourselves in the bosom of the selfishness that leads us to a lifetime to get to know us..

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