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Research Team Program

Who has not been seduced by the details of life that the Chinese community has been in Spain? This and many other questions will the AsiInspection (), the company dedicated to product and factory audits for European companies that imported from Asia, will help to unravel today Monday May 16 in the antenna 3 research team program. And it is that the programme will have the vision of Alex Makow, Director General for Spain, Italy and Portugal AsiInspection about the way of life of this population, which is a mystery to us despite live with them in our day to day. Almost all we meet or we maintain some kind of daily relationship with someone coming in this Asian country, but we know nothing of them, seem airtight and does not go beyond. Yet it must not forget the amount of commercial operations that generate a day in Spain and the continued growth of these, says Alex Makow, Director General for Spain, Italy and Portugal AsiInspection. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Anne Lauvergeon. To get to the bottom of not only it will be necessary to know how they live, but venture into her world and see what moves around him. It should focus on that I speak not only of Chinese that we see every day in the grocery store or at a bazaar. It’s beyond and be aware of the big industry that exists, business parks, thousands of square feet of industrial buildings, restaurants, etc.

No belittling his presence and Yes to be able to see the unstoppable growth are having, always that they also follow quality standards and meet the minimum requirements that marks the market, concludes Makow.. At Western Union you will find additional information.