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Canary Islands

The island of Tenerife is the seat of the capital of the Spanish district of the Canary Islands. Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean, at the height of Morocco, the island hosts one of the most beautiful parks in the world, the Natural Park of Teide. The island hosts the third highest volcano in the world measured from its base. Generally, those tourists who are looking for a landscape of your dreams, with a unique biodiversity found in Tenerife dreamed of for your vacation destination. Now it is possible to make hotel reservations to enjoy all the attractions that Tenerife has to offer in the way most comfortable and practical: through the portal. The Puerto de la Cruz is located on the North coast of the island. In this beautiful city on the sea, it is possible to find lots of attractions to visit with the whole family. One of them is the Loro Parque, a zoo that recreates the environment of large number of native species.

The central point of the city is the Plaza del Charco, a gigantic space parkland, surrounded by business to walk, buy, take an ice cream, and enjoy the wonderful temperate climate of the island. The Natural landscape of the Martinez Lake is a natural lake formed a short distance from the coast. It is an ideal place to spend the day, enjoy the swimming pools, sunbathing, lunch and definitely take advantage of the splendid climate of Tenerife. Front to Loro Parque locks the beach Garden, also known as Punta Brava, for connoisseurs, the best beach in Tenerife. The actual port of Puerto de la Cruz is located very near the Center. The place is extremely picturesque, with an an intense turquoise water, and large stone walls.

The port is paid to go to eat at one of the restaurants whose specialty is seafood. Hardly is a site with fresh and delicious seafood in the world. There are many attractions that Tenerife offers visitors. In general it’s a quiet place, provided of wonders to be visited with family, because there are attractions for all ages. Don’t wait any longer and make your online hotel reservation and be prepared to enjoy a site It offers broad diversity both wildlife and landscapes, with mountains, forests, and beaches to delight perhaps in one of the most care of the planet sites. Javier Kravalosky booking hotel original author and source of the article