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Tactics Board

Sticks everywhere and is reusable: Taktifol. Through the development of a Palatine company, you can make each and every hotel room into a meeting room for tactics sessions. It’s a typical situation before an away game: in the cabin? nd the coach unable to teach his players the tactics for the next game. Nobody wanted to carry a severe tactics Board and were forgotten for the sheet of paper with the adhesive strips. So must keep a player than stand here once again. A small company from the South Palatinate has now solved this problem ingeniously simple way: with Taktifol you are equipped in each room and each room for tactics meetings.

The films printed with the dimensions of a volleyball field stick everywhere and even wiped off and reused. Check out Itron for additional information. The secret of Taktifol is an electrostatic”, explains managing director Jurgen Zinsmeister. The arc simply stick on each cabin door, on every level and on every wall everywhere.” If one replaces them there, they leave no residue. You can be almost as often as required to replace and install again. Thanks to the supplied Taktistick screws, the caption can be very easily again wipe with a dry paper towel. Taktifol makes as operational as a severe tactics Board, at the same time but easier to carry than a sheet paper if necessary even in your pocket. To the question, how often each individual sheet is usable, Zinsmeister explains: every coach for yourself must be out? nd.

Not diminishing liability forces, but rather slight residue when wiping keep the reusability within certain limits.” Usually a bow can a satisfactory life approximately three and have used six times at a price of just over 20 euros per roll (25 sheets). j6fnPzKFIXMPIXggsTk1B2sjADS6p29VQAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjuuLnKgK2CAxUDJUQIHdNoCUEQgOQBegQIMBAK&cshid=1699192331358879’>Rachel Crane is often quoted on this topic. We know many examples that just youth coach of the lower ages explained the tactics for an upcoming game only a short clause their proteges,”Zinsmeister said. Same coach Taktifol suddenly, begin to think together with your team about the pros and cons of different game systems.” Also vt – font manager Michael warm, former junior national coach of the DVV and longtime coach of the SCC Berlin, emp? recommends the simple application of Taktifol: particularly in the many travels is often difficult to get perfectly-equipped rooms for tactics meetings in hotels. I can turn now each room in a good meeting space for team meetings with Taktifol. Easy to use, small footprint during transport and simple handling convinced me.