The industry has always had problems with the theft of personnel which is the theft of money and values instead of stealing the staff of people! There are many ways in which your staff could be stealing from you and / or your customers. Signal elements in the box is not this is, by far the most common. Staff not articles of the bypass until money pocket and especially at the bar. This also includes the deletion of the articles of the draft law once the Bill has been presented to customers and which have been paid in cash. Keep a watchful eye on what is removed from boxes and one of the populations, will ensure that this is kept to the minimum. Stock theft of stock, i.e.

staff steal food and beverage put items in their bags at the end of the turn. This can be tricky as the main way to detect that someone is by looking in their bags. However, the cannier thief put bottles of spirits in the trash and exit hidden by containers and collection When is your turn over. Discount bonds managers / owners of restaurants should be the only ones who redeem the vouchers. If you have a 2 for the price of 1 voucher for your website that customers can print and redeem at the restaurant then the staff can print them and use them also for the Bills in which the client does not have one. Replacement of marks-, evidently, it is rather a trick used in the bar. A waiter will bring a bottle of vodka, the cheapest, whiskey, etc to work with them. They fill a premium with the bottle of cheap brand things and when someone ordered that he marks that the pocket money.

This is very difficult to find as the stock level is not affected. Izzy Englander does not necessarily agree. A lot of restaurants and bars have CCTV covering boxes-, however, if officials know that nobody sees them that try it on so you know that you can see the work back. Also do spot checks until this will help to reduce the staff of the restaurant robbery.

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