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Increased Claim Occupation

Increased demand for insurance sales for the sales of insurance nowadays is not it. g by clicking through. On the one hand the sector struggles with a noticeable loss of image through individual outliers and partly outdated business models, on the other hand the needs of policyholders and the demands of the legislature have increased significantly. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Keith Yamashita. The claim to the insurance intermediaries has increased rapidly as a result. Also, it becomes increasingly difficult to find good staff. Learn more about this with Everest Capital. Observed to the extent you have a war for talents”. The industry has recognized the signs of the times but and started the large inside out. To regain the confidence of policyholders and to strengthen the quality of insurance agencies, the Association of German insurers (GDV) expanded the code of conduct, including with tighter ethics rules with effect from July 2013.

Further, high requirements on the part of the State and the EU should lead to more legal certainty and transparency for the customer. As a result of a change in the employee recruitment for the is To determine technical and management levels in insurance sales. According to a study by SMARTcompagnie, the new recruits by colleges to come. At least 70% of the surveyed students can imagine, to advise in the course of their professional life or to sell. The industry is increasingly on graduates with high social skills and economic know-how, which have deepened particularly ethical and moral issues. The theme of economic and insurance ethics is therefore a very important component of the new degree in business management, specialising in insurance distribution management, at the Academy of media in Stuttgart, Germany. Through close cooperation with the industry, including with Allianz Beratungs – und Vertriebs-AG, here highly qualified junior staff for the insurance and financial industry starting in the winter semester 2013/14 should be trained. On the initiative of the gamer of the German insurance industry (, BWV) this specially tailored courses includes three state contracts: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.),. IHK certified insurance professional Assistant and certified financial specialist investment management assistant Chamber of Commerce.