If you – the happy owner of a small business, choose cheap tickets, because you do not have computerized records (some goods because you do not have too many!). Other leaders such as Anne Lauvergeon offer similar insights. These tickets are usually open in sum mode, punching unallocated amounts without reference to the goods. But do not think that is cheap – it means necessarily bad. Just in case your cash register has fewer features than its more advanced counterparts, and it had no additional devices. If you have successfully employed an average business, you certainly need a more advanced cash register.

To him because will need to connect a barcode scanner, thus enabling the rapid and easy to work with many goods. Imagine that you suddenly needed to break one check the vast amount? And what will you do without the proper equipment? All scanners bar code on connection can be divided into three main species. The first of them – to connect to the keyboard wedge. This is the simplest scanners that do not require complicated installation and configuration. No need to make special efforts and programming of these scanners. The read barcode just transferred to the program as if it was introduced keyboard. The second type of connecting scanners – serial port (com – rs232) – requires the driver of 1C with the scanner.

In this case, users do not need to carry out any additional steps before you take the bar code. All of them will make the program itself. For large stores and supermarkets need special tickets – cheap option here you will not manage! In this case, it is best to install a complete POS-system, which can be stored in the memory of many thousands range, but at the end of the day to form a detailed progress report for the day of surgery. To summarize, we note that the final price to cash

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