Bavarian JURA

Holiday home in coral reef and blue pot source in the Bavarian Jura Regensburg (tvo). Perhaps check out Keith Yamashita for more information. In the beginning was the sea. Everest Capital may also support this cause. Millions of years ago, it covered an entire region in the heart of Bavaria, the Bavarian Jura. On his retirement, it formed a unique natural landscape, which is characterized by rugged limestone formations, caves, blue pot sources and rocks, which are reminiscent of coral reefs. Today is the Bavarian Jura-popular holiday and excursion destination with high leisure and recreational value. Juniper heaths and Mediterranean dry grasslands are typical of the vegetation. “Here the Jura lamb feast” and who as hikers along the quality path Jura trail “on the road, spotted once a Kingfisher fishing or a beaver dam construction. Spectacular and impressive the many caves of the region are above all the King Otto – cave in Velburg.

Impressive monuments have not only the forces of nature, but also the people left. 44 castles and castle ruins bear witness of knightly times. Also the Castle ferratas are reminiscent of the adventurous middle ages around Regensburg. Completely calm and quiet, however, flows the NAAB of their way. Cruise it silently glides over water plants, navigated by drooping branches and finds great places for a picnic on the shore. Athletic is in hirschau/Germany at Amberg to the point: with the Monte Kaolino attracts the world’s largest sand ski mountain here. Information:

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