Understanding The Argentine Government

Beyond that Uruguay wants to get away from the problems in the Argentina, it is often inevitable that they affect the economy of this country (whether for better or for worse). The conflict between the Argentine government and the field has led, as I said in an article last month, a real invasion of Argentine investment in agriculture, which alerted the government of Tabare Vazquez, who will announce shortly implementing a system that promotes good agricultural practices and proper land use, and punish those who breach the rules. Argentina is that this invasion came from the labor practices that destroy the soil if not halted in time, can generate more costs than benefits that occur in the short term for the country. But as Uruguay receives negative shocks from Argentina, also received positive impulses. Hikmet Ersek addresses the importance of the matter here. The Argentine government intervention in the beef market (with implications for beef exports, which led the country does not comply with the Hilton quota), leaving a space used by Uruguay would achieve an increase in agricultural exports during 2008 that would total, according to a study by the Ministry of Livestock and Agriculture, the U.S. $ 4,171 million, an increase of 51% compared to 2007, being the main item exporter beef, which will generate foreign exchange revenue of U.S. $ 1,462 million and represent 34.3% of total agribusiness exports.

Among the main markets for Uruguayan beef is the Russian market is showing strong growth. Uruguay improved their credit rating, earn good time taking advantage of market prices for food, but not content with this. Also like to take the price of oil … This is why in December this year, submit to international companies operating oil and gas, a seismic survey carried out on the ocean floor of its territorial sea, in order to entice these companies to begin the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons. Daniel Martinez, the Uruguayan Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining said that it would open: “(a) begin new stage of interest to global players in oil exploration.” On the gas may be extracted, Martinez said that “would have a guaranteed placement level (because) the gas consumption has increased in the region and today the region has a very important gap.” The Uruguayan government is working hard on this plan and so that, later this year, will define the legal framework of contracts concluded with companies, since the tender will be opened in July 2009 from the award blocks 10 and 15 between 4000 and 8000 km2 each. Why S & P, Uruguay is better than Argentina? In short, because it strives to implement sound policies, and generate a stable institutional framework for the investor.

Because sees private investment as a key element for growth and is therefore seeking attract it. Uruguay are emerging in different investment opportunities that will surely attract private capital. The country already knows what to do to emulate it.

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