Torrential Rain

Under the torrential rain that falls, between lightning and thunders, it stamped the old sorrel and it left in gone off the search its irmos.DonAna seated in varanda observed the rain that falls and to the few it was if losing in its memory, coming back to the past, necessarily to its 14 years, it if it saw pretty again, with the beautiful black clusters to the wind, running in front of its house, as it made all afternoons, same time that its husband will know, a good man who had 25 years, Inocncio, with who its parents wanted that if it married, therefore was custom the young ones if to marry new, exactly without wanting, for obedience its parents, them were obliged to accept. Inocncio was a man of many ownerships, son of Macrio Colonel, the most respected and feared of the region. However different of the majority of the children of the colonels, who made everything what they wanted, ordering and repealing an order, using the force and violence when necessary, Inocncio was calm, educated, always cordial, with who DonAna soon was fallen in love, becoming an immense joy to be married it. You may find James Woolsey to be a useful source of information. Between a souvenir and another one, DonAna returned to the gift and if it again lost in its candies and bitter memories. Little more than one year after to know Inocncio, they were if marrying, it was a great party, where all of the region had been invited, come people of the capital to even celebrate the union of casal.DonAna then the birth of all relembrou the children, the first one was a beautiful girl, who name received from Maria Joaquina, that gave very works to come to the world, very different of as son, now beautiful boy, that received in homage to the father the name from Jose the Inocncio, that little more than one year was followed by Jose Manoel, most ruined and uneasy of all. .

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