There are guests to invite, but whom to invite? Of course, all relative to the fifth tribe, friends and just good friends, colleagues, neighbors, the house and cottage, classmates, fellow students and could still be a few classmates – total three hundred fifty-eight people. Too much. Especially when you consider that the heroes of the occasion was calculated at a modest wedding, people such things at twenty-five, which would become for them a memorable experience because of my sincere congratulations and wishes of most loved ones, and not learned by rote poems wife chetveroyurodnogo mother's brother's fiancee. Therefore, making a list of invitees are best left to the bride and groom, it's their holiday and who better to know them, whose presence in their first family celebration is important to them. Very long list the guests, sent postcards, invitations, and I think that all the major concerns in preparation for the celebration is over.

But there it was. As well to get to the celebration? You can, of course, to hope that everyone will come to your own car and join a wedding convoy, but hoped that it would go away and he is not worth it. Everybody knows that the wedding constitutes such an event, where they drink and drinkers, and lady's finger, so the vehicles of guests is better to forget. Of course, you need at least two cars for the bride and groom and the rest tuple depends on the number of invited guests. A cortege of twenty-eight cars – beautiful but not practical.

We have many guests – wiser to order a bus, so as not to lose part of the guests at the traffic lights and traffic jams. And about decoration should be to take care of the tuple. This, as well as decoration of the hall, you can do both yourself (Bridesmaid) and trusted professionals. But what to do without Toastmasters? Of course, you can ask to stay tamada uncle Petya, who can entertain any audience, but should not expect that in the end the triumph of Uncle Peter still brisk, as in the beginning, will recite poems and greetings, hold contests and sparkle with wit. Uncle Pete is a man, like all the other guests, and perhaps he will also want to walk with all my heart and be glad for the honeymooners. Therefore, the right to entertain guests and manage the wedding ceremony is better to give toastmaster-specialist, which should be discussed beforehand event script, if you've never had to see it work. Here are all ready for the upcoming celebration, and no doubt it will have everyone in memory for many, many years.

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