The Water Cooler Business

The story of water coolers. Today it is hard to imagine a modern office or business without such a decision as to the water cooler! More recently, most people are thinking about purchasing this unit to home to the country and so on, because the cooler provides the convenience and comfort in hot and cold water. And many of us wondered how this came to light a miracle of technology? You know, man's desire to provide comfort in sphere of life is one of the important components of any society, whether today or in ancient times BC. This also applies to water in particular. After all, as you will recall the ancient Egyptians created the artificial canals for irrigation it from impurities, which continues to this day. In Ukraine, the first water appeared only in the first half of XIX century. Then, in the early 1900s, came the first drinking fountain, which became the prototype of the modern cooler. It was created by American Halsey Taylor (by the way his father died from an infection shortly after drinking untreated water).

Later, mass production of these fountains have been established by enterprising Luther Howes sanitary inspector, licensed to them. But as you know the progress goes on, especially technical and in the mid-century drinking fountains "could" cool the water and began to be called by the right cooler! It was then that began our coolers march around the world. Now it is difficult to imagine life without purified bottled water (for the cooler, use only high quality water!). A huge number of people consume it with the cooler, making use of Water comfortable and convenient!

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