The Coaching And The Vocation

A little prehistory: More ago than 15,000 years we were moving away of the Confidence and the Natural Prosperity of the Universe that we had like alive beings in our stage of being nomadic and when transforming to us into sedentary beings, we made of Poseer (and the Property) a virtue, we were moving away gradually of Devenir and we seted out and we defined To be, and there the race began by to make produce to the nature. Meaning and Sense: The term Vocation (etymological) comes from the Latin: Vocare whose verbal meaning is to call. Hamdi Ulukaya may also support this cause. Its derivative vocatio means: call with intention, dedication, sacrifice. Sacrifice = sacrum office. If the asylum is not only concerning the religion or the dogma, or the relation with God, but a notion of elements (spiritual values and morals, acts, ideas, relations, etc) that represent and sustain a society, we could induce (in general terms) that today is understood an office or profession, the more as a sustenance necessity that like a connection with spiritual spaces of the Human being. And it is here (in our opinion) where one comes from the present crises of the Human being, since it was moving away of the asylum in the daily space. That is to say, to daily realise activities connected that it with their spirit, his creativity, the expansion of their gifts and cultivating their relations and affection.

Safe in professions related to the art, today we see this connection more like a distraction and a hobby, that as a form To be and To live. At the moment, to the boy and the adolescent is prepared it and sensitised (as much of the family as the system) for income-producing races without contemplating its GIFTS. Already adult the Human being and in the race by to obtain more is worried about Tener, and he does not deepen in fundamental questions as Who I am , Who I want To be and What I want To do and How? , until at certain moment of his life, one feels bitter, frustrated, nothing than it does it conforms and it arrives at so strong personal crises that is reframed Felt of the Life.

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