The Accuracy

Mass difference and is equal to the number of spent oil. You can also weigh the sour cream, etc. Common problems of calculating calories and keeping a diary Main purpose of the diary of calories – this is an accurate accounting everything you eat for a day. It must record any product that you ingest, its weight, calories and total calories. Try not to ignore the accuracy of numbers and, rounding out, leave a few tenths of a (first digit after the decimal point). To control their weight weigh yourself every day necessarily in the same time because at different hours during the day your weight will vary greatly. Where to take calorie products to calculate the caloric content of your diet, you need to know the caloric content of 100 grams for all products. Caloric content of food is taken from the tables, which are many and the Internet and in bookstores.

But they may not be exactly that product that you currently need, so always read the calorie content listed on the product packaging. It is best to record these numbers somewhere in a separate place to store its own table caloric content of the foods you usually eat. When you buy in a store a product that has no packaging, such as sausage or hot dogs, do not hesitate to ask the seller to read for you calories in a large, wholesale packaging, from which he took out this product. The calculation of calorie portions of the product or meal is the easiest case of calculating calories.

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