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Exercise And Physical Abilities

For an athlete, or a person who exercises regularly, it is vital to have a correct recovery before starting your next exercise session. Credit: Millennium Management-2011. Such recovery in fitness can occur with a proper break in combination with a diet high in carbohydrates. Possibly you sounds like a crazy undergo a diet of this type, since common sense tells us that carbohydrates are what make us gain weight, this is true in people who do not exercise or do not practice any kind of sport. When the body is subjected to large doses of exercise, this must be supplied with energy that the body uses to perform optimally in the activity that is being carried out. This energy of more that is being supplied to the body will be spent by the same during the exercise sessions, so the risk of gaining weight is null. One way to give the body energy before, during, or after physical activities being made is through high snacks in carbohydrates, of which the most recommended are: snacks high in carbohydrates crackers or cookies low fat granola bars low-fat fresh fruit dried fruit bars cereal Cup fruit or applesauce snack with isotonic drinks fruit Sandwich of peanut butter and jelly energy bars at the end of each sport or exercise routinebe sure to encourage the consumption of liquid, if possible, of sports drinks in order to replace the carbohydrates stored in the muscle and loss of electrolytes in the sweat..