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Peruvian Government

They will try to fix the economic impact in the most important sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, energy and transport as authorities who will present their studies next April for accuracy. This study is important to the Peruvian Government to gain access to the facilities of the Green Fund for disbursement of the developed countries as part of international negotiations. At Macy’s you will find additional information. The Green Fund program warns that from the year 2020 they will have at least a hundred million dollars to be distributed among the countries most affected by climate change. They expose some data and urgent needs: the year 2025 in Peru the impact will be 4.4% of GDP, i.e. $10 million would be lost equivalent to almost a year of growth country. The total cost between 2009 and 2050 would amount to a total of US $729 million to $855 million. In the following 20 years the economy of the Peru will continue to grow but to exposed a great crash without replenishment. The sectors most affected will be fishing and agriculture by which urges greater study of dams of harvesting and planting of water on the slopes from Piura to Tacna. They require greater number of stations weather, satellite sensors to predict more intense Frost possible. Importance in avoiding further losses of crops as they did between 1995 to 2007 with 6 crops of higher surface lost by climatic events including the Pope and the starchy corn. In general, in all parts of the world began to develop large-scale strategies to combat these natural changes. There are coordinated between their regions development programs for the protection of the environment and the care of the ecological environment. It speaks of a new concept as it is the circular economy and industry training that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Peru is one of them, trying to modernize its methods of management and modern practices in their methods of transportation both in Lima and in their regions either with electrical systems and natural gas like its so-called public transport the metropolitan and its electric and train with their huge dams in favour of agriculture. We will be vigilant. Original author and source of the article.