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The House

He regretted not having known much!. How she would have liked to exchange views. To learn how he survived in Spain that he had left. And compared with the life he had found in England. He would like to know if the time might have shared had been extremely short.

The lawyer had said in the letter that Jesus was going to meet her, but felt powerless to do .- Why do not I will request that was me who travel to Spain. I had done with great taste, she thought sadly. She felt that somehow that house recovering some of its history, which had been stripped in part by fear, partly by logic. Decided to go with his wife. I wanted to see. A stroll through the rooms.

Meet with their memories. Stelle strongly agreed. When he entered the house, all his youth suddenly appeared in his mind. Found some pictures of his parents and brothers in the old attic that had not seen when he left. Jesus had not pulled anything. He gathered all he had of them. This time I did not want to leave anything in Spain. In his case could now take everything that before had to leave. He remembered how he had selected only a few pictures to accompany him in his memories. Now it was full albums, because it included his grandparents and uncles killed in the war, plus many household ornaments. I did not want to stay at home no memory of his life there.