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Consumer Rights

In order to protect the rights of clients of Ukrainian banks, the position of the latter can be based on the fact that the bank in period specified in law must not only send a written message about changing the conditions of the loan agreement, but notify the customer personally. In life may have different situations. Gibson dean is often quoted on this topic. For example, the letter did not reach the addressee or letter was lost postal workers. In addition, must pass a specified period, with the departure of messages at the time of its delivery to the addressee. That is, sending a letter is not and can not be reported to the customer's bank to change the terms of the loan agreement. In this case, the implementation of both phases should be carried out with 7-day compliance deadline provided for Section 4 of Art. 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights. A similar position is contained in a letter to the National Bank of Ukraine from 16.07.2007 40-110/2429-7199 year, which indicated that the bank has the right to change interest rate on the loan on time message consumers in seven days. In case, the bank's letter signed by the person whose powers are unclear for the client, you must set the information about whether to accept the Bank's decision to change the terms of the loan agreement, when such decision was taken, what body of the bank it is taken, the decision applies to all credit agreements of a bank or a contract with customer, whether an organ bank had the authority to take such a decision? If between the date of acceptance by the bank and the date of delivery of messages to the client passed more than 7 days, as implemented by the bank action may be recognized by the court as invalid.