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Burst capillaries need not necessarily indicate weak veins. More than half of our blood circulates constantly in the legs, where it is directly pulled by gravity. It is far away from the heart. To the heart it should back but again, gravity defiance. Have the veins to make therefore, supported by the muscles of the legs, heavy lifting, to carry the blood back to the heart. A weak connective tissue and the pressure that weighs on life on the veins, the veins makes then visible. Burst capillaries can, but not first signs of venous problems. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mikal Bridges and gain more knowledge.. What is the difference between spider veins and varicose veins? Varicose veins, which are medically referred to as varicose veins, are superficial advanced as well as wavy veins in the legs. Task of the veins is to carry the blood back to the heart. Veins are interspersed with flaps that should prevent a return flow of the blood. The veins are too weak or the physical load too big, the voltage can not held -give the veins. As a result, the proper functioning of the venous valves is no longer guaranteed. Consequently, this leads to blood stasis and fluid retention in the surrounding tissue. The superficial varicose veins are good tast – or visible. Deeper varicose veins can be determined only by a medical examination at the phlebologists. How to harbinger for varicose veins spider veins are a harmless affair, so more can be yet. There is still a tendency to varicose veins. Sure to exclude a drain problem or deep varicose veins, spider veins should be investigated by a phlebologists. Prevent spider veins – that should be a cause for the formation of spider veins is the so-called innate Bindegewebsschwache in the constitutional disposition,. Many, especially women observe the first spider veins after a weight loss. After a pregnancy, many women notice that spider veins were formed. Is caused by the hormones during pregnancy ensuring that extend the vessels and the tissue becomes looser. Estrogen, the female hormone, is with responsible that the connective tissue of women is weaker. Women are affected while more often than men, but also they have from ruptured veins on the legs. Generally many causes are responsible for spider veins: the movement’s lack of obesity long periods of sitting or standing long car rides or too little legroom on a flight ensures an increased risk and encouraging the emergence of ruptured capillaries. Alcohol and cigarettes affect duration also expanding on the vessels. Who is happy in the sauna or hot bathes also increases his risk for spider veins. High-heeled shoes that cramp in the calf muscles allow and block hence the veins are another problem.