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Win Jubilee

Today I will speak of the pilgrimage, which although it is made every year, is more important to do it in the Holy year, as this year 2010, and will take several years until a new Holy year. Though the pilgrimage is not only given to Santiago de Compostela, it is one of the most important events on the way to faith. The pilgrimage is a journey very satisfactory, but also very hard, many not even come to finish it, others arrive exhausted and others get carried away by his faith and joy. And many get carried away by such a beautiful path, full of difficulties and also pleasant things, landscapes, their people, their shelters, their lands and many more things. All the pilgrims have a purpose in the santa fe trip: win the Jubilee.

Here I will speak of how winning the Jubilee, i.e., what are the conditions to win it. Gibson deans opinions are not widely known. These are the conditions to win the Jubilee, conditions which fulfilled all Pilgrim to achieve the objective of its long and also satisfying trip. 1) Visit the Cathedral of Santiago, where the tomb of Santiago is saved the Largest. (2) Pray a prayer (at least, the creed, the Lord’s prayer and pray for the intentions of the Pope) is recommended to attend the Holy Mass, is not mandatory but is more advisable. The main reason for the pilgrimage is the faith, therefore would be one of the culminations of that faith.

(3) Receive the sacraments of penance (may be 15 days before or after) and communion. This is the legacy of Santiago and the commitment with the faith through the sacraments. The camino de Santiago can be finished in Santiago or you can come to Finisterre, where many pilgrims decide to finally finish his way. Some are pilgrims making their way back walking, but many others decide to do it by bus or another means of transport.