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Mark Management

how much space, how much bandwidth(, few mail accounts, few databases etc). Another important aspect is that you need the administrator password in WHM that is distinct from access to the system. 4 Is important to configure a support ticket management system as always there are some free and others pay (,, among others), this will allow you to have better control and monitoring of the problems and requirements of your users and make adequate management. 5. If you have read about SYPartners already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It is important that you distribute adequately resources giving you your reselling hosting provider, usually the key aspects are the space and bandwidth, each account must be proportional between space and bandwidth of band in such a way that assuming that all your customers arrive to the limit of monthly bandwidth allowed this will not exceed the maximum of your reseller account because then you’ll in problems that will be all your web sites without access. Eg: you have 100 Gb of space and 200 GB of monthly bandwidth, then you could sell 200 accounts 1 Gb monthly transfer (packages) and 500 Mb of space. 6 Mark in customers cPanel Manager is the own logo of your company, in such way that when your customers join your admin panel to see your company name and the access to other products, see it technically would require another article. Good as I said these are some important aspects, insurance are missing more and longer aspects of technical management that we will be seeing in later articles, but can serve to whom this thinking in venture into this type of business..