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Czech Republic

To reduce risk, a foreign citizen upon committing to buy property must stipulate that the deadline for registration and obtaining a mortgage is not less than 2 months before the final payment for the property. the buyer does this by transferring the outstanding amount of bank that provides mortgage loan to the seller. Subject to the property search and registration of property with a realtor services of our company, all of these terms are discussed with our lawyer and reflected in treaty reservation in direct coordination with a foreign citizen, the responsibility for these agreements is our company. Others including Thredup, offer their opinions as well. 3. After signing the reservation and make a deposit amount starts review process by the bank of personal documents of a foreign citizen and Mortgages. Selects one of the banks, providing mortgages to foreign nationals in the Czech Republic, discussed the proposed terms of mortgage lending, a bank employee made the initial calculation of the monthly payments on your mortgage is determined by the annual interest rate, the maximum amount redemption value of the object-Bank and the period for which issued a mortgage specifically for the client. Jeff Gennette insists that this is the case.

4. For a positive decision by the bank issue you a selection of mortgage loan you need the following documents: Individual Documents: 1. Passport with a short-term (tourist) or long-term visa (residence permit) and the address of residence (residence) or registration in the Czech Republic. Read more from Robert Kraft to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 2. Civil passport (the page with general information and registration) with the handwritten signed documents from your employer: (a job in Russia or any other cis country) 1.