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Choosing A Screen

Format Projection Screen Aspect Ratio – the ratio of height and width of the image. Best of all, when the aspect ratio matches the format of the projected image. If you plan to use multiple formats (Which supports the projector), you can buy a screen with auto-correction format or roll screen, which can be rotated to the desired height. Standard typology of file formats, depending on the type of Projected Image: Audiovisual format – av 1:1 Universal screens that support the format of the square before the film by changing their height. Video format – ntsc 4:3 for projecting computer images or game console, as well as conventional television viewing. (As opposed to Pegasus books). Format high-definition television – dvd (HDTV) 16:9 used to demonstrate most of the movies recorded on dvd, as well as the transmission of high definition television (HDTV). Size projection screen there are several general recommendations that can guide the choice of screen size. 1.

The height of the projection screen should be approximately equal to 1 / 6 the distance from the screen to the last row seats (a figure) In this case, the width of the projection screen can be calculated by a simple formula, depending on the screen format: 4:3 width = height x 1.33 width = 16:9 H x 1.78 2. The optimum height of the screen placement is: – for professional use – at least 125 cm from the floor to the bottom of the screen – for home theater – a minimum of 60-90 cm 3. For a better perception of the image the minimum distance to the audience (B) should be about 1,5 times more screen height (Y). The optimal screen size and distance also depend on the subjective preferences of the person. Therefore, the pre-experiment with Throw if plan fixed installation projector.

Magnetic Holder

Marker dry safe, you can forget public for several days, and it does not dry out. Necessary accessories: you can do, but is it worth? Cleaning brush for the white boards – a handy tool to erase from the surface of the boards, it is nice when the magnetic, can be mounted anywhere on the board. There are disposable and interchangeable straps, then you can not save a little in expense of quality. Magnetic Holder markers for white boards – particularly useful if the board is no shelf for markers. It can be fixed in any place boards, it's important, when the board is enjoyed by people of different heights, each set at the desired height in a convenient location. Magnets – designed for mounting instruments to the surface of the board.

Another use – marking, for example, along with board-planners. Magnets are sold in one color or range. Buying magnets, choose the desired color, size and shape. Cleaner for white board – is designed to clean contaminated surfaces marker boards, it is better not to save, buy a well-known manufacturer. Wet wipes for white boards. No need to look for a brush, cloth and a special liquid to cool the board.

Wet wipes nonwoven impregnated tool for cleaning contaminated Surface marker boards. Also whiteboard? Board mobile swing. Depict the situation on one side, and the conclusions and suggestions – on the other. Bilateral white magnetic marker board with a polymer coating, in aluminum profile on a movable stand. Wheels are equipped with locks. There is a ledge for markers. Boards, planners – to help plan their activities, the activities of units of the company for a week or a year forward, fix the implementation of an action. This plan will be always before your eyes. Make it necessary mark can be a marker, a variety of prepared or independently cut magnetic signs from proposed below, or using a standard set of magnets of different colors. Small plots in a grid scheduler can erase a little of the magnetic brush. At its core is a white marker boards with printed on them grid (graph). Working the metal surface has a polymer coating. Frame of aluminum profiles