Success Of Young Companies

Conducting an nterview with the CEO of a confectionery factory, factory Aleli which “is known in many regions of Russia as the highest quality products. Confectionary factory “Aleli” – large manufacturing plant located in the city of Ryazan. Was founded in 2005. Specialization factory – candy, marshmallows, candy, cookies. The factory was founded relatively recently, but has already achieved significant results, won several prestigious awards at various competitions.

The secret to success? Yes, indeed, “Confectionery Aleli” – a young company. Our story begins in 2005. Originally selected several key principles of the factory. Chief among them – is the production of high quality products. Therefore, our factory was established a powerful modern equipment, have been invited specialists of high technical level. Thanks to advanced technology has been organized in the production of products conforming to the highest international standards of quality.

And the result did not wait. Our pastries are regularly win prestigious awards. Among them – the international competition of food and beverages “Product of the Year – 2006”, the Grand Prix at the “100 best goods of Russia, xiv International Competition of food quality – “The Best Product 2007”. At the same time began to grow sales that exceeded all expectations. Tell us about your manufactured products. We produce special products: our product is designed to pleasure, joy and relaxation. Our masters have tried their best and created a rich variety of delicious flavors. This set of favorite treats customers. We offer our customers: – excellent marshmallow with vanilla flavor, creme brulee, white and pink, chocolate – fruit candy and marmalade, layered with slices of sweet paste, and tastes of banana, apricot, cherry, and a white chocolate glaze – a delicate jelly marmalade with flavors of melon, apple, apricot, raspberry – a variety of marmalade slices – layered and with a taste of kiwi, watermelon, lemon, orange, grapefruit – and – fashioned marmalade – pastry with various fillings, including complex.

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