Strength Speed Resistance

With two steps of movement, to the left or right after each jump. * The coach made an attack the same ball (like a kick missed), the player jumps to block. It sought to attack the lock hands to work the jump time and timing. * Idem but the player moves from position 3 to block the attack of the coach for 2 or 4. * Idem, but now attack other players, owner participation. * A block in position 3, a point guard and two groups of attackers, in position 2 and 4.

Coach passes ball to the shipowner and can be assembled into 2 or 4, the block will move according to the situation. * Idem, with one player at each position, must be double-lock the output as the operator. * Game 6 vs. 6, with an emphasis on blocking actions. For example: block point is worth double. METHODOLOGY OF THE LOCK: Teaching hit.

Teach play. The game systems should allow the best to do what they do, the greater amount. The top teams, especially boys are assembled from receiving or blocking. Insert from the beginning in preparing general, the specification of the blockade, with passes up and down. Very often, the boy learns the fine art auction that does not require such precision and no, unlike the blockade, the difficulty of finding the right time on the ball. During the teaching of the blockade help recognize situations in which a lock attempt would not be beneficial (eg ball high, far removed from the network, very out, etc) Defence Objectives: – To control the ball in the best possible way to start successfully counterattack. – To intercept the trajectories of the ball before it touches the floor. – Avoid the enemy point Considerations: – The defense is a game situation is fully supported in the functioning of the perceptual system. – Requires the player movements “tactical,” not in the sense of strategic planning. – It is a result of the integration between technical and coordinative characteristics, level of tactical thinking and physical condition.

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