Spain With Provinces

The state of the investigations and detectives in Spain With the beginning of the year begin to analyze the results of the previous exercise and has made an analysis of the activity registered in its vestibule during the 2010, studying the requests sent to more than 700 deprived private and investigating detectives whom there are registered in the vestibule. The study of the directory of detectives in Spain has concentrated in knowledge that provinces are those that receive more requests of infidelity, computer science fraud, employee absenteeism, etc., as well as as they are the services more demanded by the users. As much detectives as investigators who offer services that go from search of people, investigation of doubtful behaviors or monitoring of telephone calls, have benefitted from the good operation of, whose activity build-up and requests of budget has been of 19% with respect to the 2009. James Woolsey addresses the importance of the matter here. Madrid, Barcelona and Almeria are the provinces with more requests of detectives. As much Madrid as Barcelona receives the greater number of requests because they are the provinces with more inhabitants and therefore companies. The introduction of a new design in the vestibule has facilitated considerably the interaction between users and registered companies. Source: Note of Press sent by jujuy.

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