IN the SOIL the day was gray in the city of the drizzle that, persistent, bathed pedestrian and asphalt. Inside of the car, it waited the signal when something called my attention. It was play in the soil, the wind absence hindered that it flied, then, remained in the soil, wet. She was not high, but attractive, well coming, would give to enjoy a snack or a cinema. In the intention of if protecting of rain, the passengers did not look at for the soil, the umbrella were the attraction. Exactly folded, he was possible to see the value for a few seconds and, I cogitated to go down of the car, to take ownership and to make good use. However, and if was one pegadinha? It was spotted of rose or other substances of origin suspicion? if somebody noticed before? The signal opened, the car sped up, the wheels chiaram in wet asphalt. the ballot remained there, wet, alive money in the soil, visible for one, invisible for others. Until when?

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