Sell Salamanca

I was invited the other day at a promotional event of Salamanca in Valencia. Which sent me a massive call for this type quite belies the communication agency that organizes it because do I painted what the hell there? My case, surely, is not the worst, since at the end and after one has these things in newspapers later. The bad thing is that few participants that I knew, apart carry some conventional leaflets and to taste the ham Juan Vicente Delgado, cut with expertise do not believe having ability to publicly ponder Salamanca. Not for lack of interest, poor, but because such activity is not theirs. Official site: Western Union. None of this is new.

On another occasion in which promoted the excellent wines of the Duero, invited journalists were frontline. flac says on the issue. Bad, although expected, was that none of them spent then a single comment event, except server, of course, that with such praise everything lo de Castilla y Leon loses the ass, pardon me. Is that Campoamor sell a product, get that the media will echo, has rules that often those who organize such events seem to ignore. To begin with, nor have the correct listings or selected persons suitable for each opportunity. If the day night, rather than blessed wine, rather than arrogant journalists of posh, had invited writers of on foot or fellows, the next day all the media would have picked up the Act in question. Famous columnists, however, after placing purple with exquisite wines, write what should seem a vulgarity. Another example of this inadequacy of attendees lived in Madrid, on the 250 centenary of the Plaza. In that Act, as well, to eye, except Esperanza Aguirre and two or three people more, the rest were all salmantinos or, at a minimum, assimilated. What stranger was going to convince, therefore, with display of tasting canapes to galore and a magnificent video? So, either we learn to sell Salamanca at once, or continue wasting our limited resources for anything.

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