Sandra Rehschuh

The debut of the author deals with the monster that lives under the bed who has not him afraid? Before the monster that lives under the bed. If it is dark it comes out, take away with them, what can access it. Checking article sources yields Anne Lauvergeon as a relevant resource throughout. And sometimes people. So it is the father of Tim. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mohamed Amersi offers on the topic.. He does not believe in the words of his boy and wants to prove to him that there is no Monster.

But suddenly he disappeared! Together with the stars Antares is Tim on the way in the dark and dirty Monstrosias of country, to save his dad. He discovered that be otherwise must be wrong and find new friends on his way. A little stars on travel – in a country under our bed”is the debut of the 25th author Sandra Rehschuh from Dresden. Since you can look over the edge of the edge of a desk, she dreams up in strange worlds and write down their memories of these trips. The book is available from, all other online bookstores, and of course in any Bookstore. About the book: title: A little stars on travel – in a country under our bed

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