Saint Antonio

It is calculated that in average 150 families live directly of this activity in all the city, according to raised preliminary data in field, the weekly average production are of 10 a thousand espetinhos for family, at the cost of 6,00 R$ the milheiro, that supply the market of Belm to be used in the sales of churrasquinho in the esquinas of the city, entorno of stadiums of soccer in days of games or simply in the rounds of beer in the week ends that are one practical cultural one of the paraenses for not excusing a barbecue. Few know that such alternative of survival, of manufacture of espetinho, is causing a devastao in the outskirts of the communities of the city of Saint Antonio of the Tau. Each time more the explorers of taboca are advancing for extration of this vegetable, for not existing more in its communities, what he at risk places its extinguishing in the region that is a fort ambient aggravation. Such action of degradation of the environment is associated with appropriation ' ' gesto' ' of the natural resources without taking of conscience of the negative impact that the man cause, by means of its action. Get all the facts and insights with Jeff Gennette, another great source of information. In this scene he is clearly that the exploration is made in disobedience the legislation and to the principles of the support a time that, the man looks at for the nature observes in the available resources the economic value, makes of the exploration of taboca, an activity of its necessary interest, whereas its entorno other vegetal species is ignored and devastados. Therefore, in each foot of taboca knocked down many species they are eliminated by being considered obstacles until the reach of tabocas. The indiscriminate action of the exploration of taboca in Saint becomes preoccupying Antonio of the Tau, not only for the ignorance of that of them they live to support its families, but for happening to the look of who they could guide them. .

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