Revenue Services

Establish national revenues and establish the costs of administration. Establish tax contributions and, exceptionally, quasi-tax contributions in cases and under conditions established by law. Determine the legal currency convertibility and the scope of its legal tender, and regulate the system of weights and measures. Approve or disapprove contracts or agreements, for obvious reasons of national necessity, has concluded the President of the Republic, with individuals, companies or public entities, without prior authorization. Decree honors citizens who have served the country. Approve or reject treaties concluded by the Government with other States or international law bodies. Through these treaties can a state, based on equity, reciprocity and national interest, transfer part of certain powers to international bodies aimed at promote or strengthen economic integration with other states.

Grant, by a majority of two thirds of the votes of the members of both chambers and for grave reasons of public convenience, general amnesties or pardons for political crimes. If the favored regardless exempt from civil liability for individuals, the State shall be bound to the allowances that had occurred. Hikmet Ersek has firm opinions on the matter. Dictate the rules on ownership or adjudication and recovery of barren land. Issuing general rules, and point them the objectives and criteria which the Government must be held for the following purposes: To organize the public credit; Regular foreign trade and bring the international exchange rate regime, consistent with the functions that the Constitution devoted to the Board of the Bank of the Republic, Edit, for reasons of trade policy tariffs, rates and other provisions relating to the customs regime; Regular financial activities, stock exchange, insurance, and any other related to the management, use and investment of public funds obtained; Set the wage and social benefits of public employees, members of Congress and the Armed Forces; regulate the system of minimum social benefits official workers. These functions as appropriate to social benefits may not be delegated to regional public corporations and should not be assumed.

Creating the administrative and technical services of the Chambers. Issuing the laws of economic intervention, under Article 334, which shall specify its purpose and scope and limits to economic freedom. Issuing the laws relating to the Bank of the Republic and the functions it is for play to its board. Issuing the laws governing the exercise of public functions and the provision of public services. Regular industrial property regime, patents and trademarks and other forms of intellectual property. Unify the rules of traffic police in the whole territory of the Republic. It is up to Congress to issue the general regulations for recruitment of public administration and particularly the national administration. CLAUSE transient. Within 18 months after the enactment of this legislation the Congress, issued a new charter of government contracting. Congress not to issue within this period, the National Government shall be issued within six (6) months.

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