Professional Performance In The Social Matters

Considering that the social matters are determinative for the aiming of the social politics, it is basic to think some social forms of performance of the professional of the social service about the direction of the guarantee of the rights and conquests on the part of the diligent classroom. Such intervention will not be liberating if the performance of the professional still will be pautada in the traditional paradigms of the look family bourgeois. She is necessary to consider, to evidence, to legitimize and to value the insertion of the woman in the public with its advances, inside of the partner-economic processes, politicians and even though familiar guideline. In the scope of the performance of the professional of the Social Service, it is important to potencializar questions that guarantee the continuity of the reinforcement of spaces for women in the market of work, the life politics and all spaces of being able that they influence in the destinations of the current society. For more specific information, check out Hikmet Ersek. It fits thus, to the professional whom it deals with the social matters, to point rights that primem for taking to the women to the conquest of equality of rights in all the levels of the society, independent of its situation or description of family; either monoparental or traditional it, promoting repairings of a recent past, that marks the contradictions and the social inaquality, what it passes necessarily for the engaged intervention of the professional of the Social Service. Another aspect to pontuar, is that the agreement on the part of the professional who directly acts in the manifestations of the Social matter, of its importance in the fight of classroom, does not make it to reproduce behaviors that they insist on valuing of accented and improper form, the model of the traditional familiar nucleus, conservative, religious and elitist, according to Engels, the marriage bourgeois. Paradigm this, that enaltece the man as ' ' cabea' ' of the relations and detainer of ' ' melhores' ' decisions. Therefore still today, as well as in history, if it reproduces the conflict and the exploration of less the most favored socially, vitimizando women and tutoring the ones that live to the edge of the system ' ' legalizador' ' of norms, uses and customs of the moral that has only one side. The advances gotten with: LOAS (Organic Law of Social Assistance), the PNAS (National Politics of Social Assistance) and ITS (Only System of Social Assistance), will only be materialized and consolidated, if to the mediation of the professionals of the System that supports to the fight for the reduction of the social inaqualities, they will be based on the agreement of that the professional intervention can contribute for the necessary changes to the behavior of the social relations, in the pactuao of the autonomy of the classrooms sobordinates for a dreamed equality in the uses and fruits of the rights and conquests as object of the fight process.

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