Police Spokesman

The police spokesman affirmed that the visit had provided ” many new details ” on the slaughter, but it did not want to clarify which. ” It has already given many information us during fifty hours of interrogations, and the interrogation of Saturday gave ms” us; , it declared. The island will return to its owner the Police Norwegian emphasized the importance of which the visit took place when before not yet a month has passed from the slaughter, and that this stayed in the anonymity, although it did not avoid that the daily Vg advanced to hours the news and spread images of Breivik in Utya taken from far. Those are the unique images that at the moment have spread of the visit, since the Police Norwegian announced that it will not facilitate any so far. ” By consideration to the relatives and another whole it had to pass of a worthy form, and we had to also consider the time. In addition, the technical investigations had to be finished and the place being clean before the defendant arrived at isla” , it said. The intention is also that relatives and survivors ” they can obtain the greater possible data about which it happened all” , it added.

The unexpected visit of Breivik also was motivated because the Police will have to give the control again of the island to Youths of the Labour Party, that are their proprietors, before the 19 of August. For that day it is predicted that the relatives of the victims of the slaughter return to Utya, whereas on the following day the survivors do, in two acts of private character. Until this Saturday, Breivik remained isolated and watched 24 hours to the day to avoid that the life took off. Also strong safety measures had settled so that it could not be attacked by other prisoners. The Police Norwegian admitted the week past salary committed an error after receiving the first call of aid from the island, since they chose a longer passage of the necessary thing, according to information of public channel Norwegian NRK. According to the done reconstructions these days in average Norwegians, the own Breivik called to the Police to give itself, appearing like ” comandante” of ” movement of anti-communist resistance against islamizacin”.

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