Partnership Management

If you are responsible for a department, choose the best of your subordinates, give them the necessary training, your tasks distributed among them, and sit comfortably and look for how the Standard Oil can make more money, “performed to the specific environment of each one of us . Maximum use this great tool is the delegation, given the numerous advantages and benefits that have properly delegated to both the delegator, and for the person you delegate responsibility, and of course for the organization that are integrated .

My vast experience as an executive, but also as counselor, coach and trainer, I may make the warning, in general, that if we delegate but doing it well, taking into account the large number of aspects to consider for the delegation is appropriate, because otherwise we will have probably all lived close to, or in our own flesh, the results are bad or fatal. How important it is to control the terrible thief of time: endless meetings, inefficient and frustrating, the great nightmare of Email, the unwelcome, insistent telephone, Interruptions inappropriate and unexpected visitors as Thieves highlights. As you said Napoleon “There are thieves who are not punished, but they steal our most treasured resource: our time” and then mentioned what men are inconsistent. As a counterpoint, we know how to exploit intelligently “dead time” during our travels by train, AVE, plane or bus, our expectations, etc., Etc.

The task of effectively program plan and will allow us to save much time on operational tasks to facilitate the attainment of those goals we have set. The hard times with us face require maximum use of our skills and abilities, we must be able to assimilate and sift quickly and effectively the vast amount of information that we receive each day, we must be able to generate more and better ideas and therefore be more creative and innovative, learn more effectively and according to our specific personal characteristics.

Therefore, the Learning, based on our particular style of learning and using powerful tools such as Mind Maps allow us to remain competitive in the complex and changing environment in which we live. Optimization of both our time and our energy and our skills Empowerment Neural bring us a powerful beam of light in the current environment and future in which we are immersed.

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