NLP Training

The motivation and objectives for the participants of NLP training courses ranging from "I want to learn a new method / techniques known for my work," "I want to train a new profession" to "I want to learn more about me and my life "recognize. After over 15 years Seminar-/Ausbildungspraxis with about 500 participants, the following statements of the participants are summarized (see the original statements to participants Vote in the section): 1 The perception regarding response and behavior, my parents, and in relation to other people, especially in tension and conflict widened by the increased capacity of analysis and reflection second The communication skills learned about the new style of communication allowed more flexibility and increased sociability third Linguistic clarity, goal-oriented and persuasive ability increased the effectiveness of verbal competence 4th The initial fears to speak before groups to present, to show changed gradually in a calm attitude to find their own style and try 5th Newly acquired thinking fostered the creativity to deal with challenges solution-6th Longer deferred personal goals have been addressed more active, many experienced increasingly positive, self-enhancing experiences by reaching goals and new opportunities in professional and private contexts 7th In the field of social-emotional competence, the participants experienced an increase in self-confidence and self-acceptance. Many reported that they could now much better at dealing with your emotions and the emotions of others and would be loving / accepting yourself and others 8th Binding to others nearby, as are reasonable line are now situation-experience "and improved interpersonal skills and team spirit 9th Past, but still stressful, negative experiences and Pragesituationen could be resolved gradually and replaced by wholesome mental images so as to achieve reconciliation with his own biography 10th The use of Selbstcoachingmethoden gave the participants a greater competence to deal with difficult situations better 11th By working with values, vision, life, beliefs are opened for means and meaning Lebensbalancierung 12th use the ability of relaxation and autosuggestion techniques brought many participants a greater serenity and stress resistance as the most valuable training was named by the participants the opportunity to make other people in a protected and appreciative seminar atmosphere, taking into account its means new, previously unfamiliar experiences and the time to gradually try out the techniques learned and perfected.

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