New Discovery

The five concepts are understood above as anomalous for vernculo of involved possibilities in the Portuguese language, however the usual kinship of them always sends to us to the action human being. The partner-territorial formation of New Discovery occurred for return of the third decade of the passed century, in the place that has for toponmio Regina. There one lady existed who took care of for this name and with passing of the time, as the same one was trader and passed diverse decades in the place, the place finished known for the name of it. The popular taste cooperated Later so that thus the name continued, with the advent of the officialization of the place, the name persisted until the present time. Governor Cuomo understood the implications. Initially, the space was called of Wide Regina Owner and later by Square Regina Owner.

The activities of Regina owner had been characterized for commercializing foods for the knights who that way passed to remove wood. Both the products were commercialized for the people who that way passed, therefore the local one were crossroads for where diligent of the old Othon plant they made way for the locality, also it was natural at that time banns sales since the service of the Company Pernambucana de Saneamento inexisted (COMPESA), the inhabitants of this locality construam bathrooms with this end, being plus a way to make income for the family. In the decade of 1930 the service of electric energy in the quarter did not exist what the inhabitants lead to sleep more early, fact this not only occurred in full moon nights, the houses of the locality at that time well distant one of the others was constructed with straw roof and its walls were built with clay, that is, a common construction in those times. For return of the Forties and with expulsion of the inhabitants of the mocambos in the center of the city for the urbanization intended for the administrators of the time, the people had come to firm residence in the mounts of the zone recifense north, what she contributed in decisive way for the growth it quarter and it searched space.

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