Natural Gas: What Is It?

Learn, how will algae and Plakton natural gas it needs millions of years until gas is formed from carbon-rich material. Even gas bearings with younger date can look back still on a story, which is for 20 million years. The fossil fuels, natural gas is a pure natural product obtained from underground deposits. Its origin is similar to petroleum, which is why it often occurs in places where oil also can be promoted. To get the gas to the consumers it is a long way off. Time plays a decisive role.

Composition of the Mischgases majority of the gas is methane. Everywhere, where are hydrocarbons, methane can be formed under appropriate conditions. The methane was deep under the Earth and the sea floor decomposition by microorganisms like plankton and algae. This dense rock and sediment layers ensured that it does not escape to the surface. High pressure and high temperatures had a further stake in the formation of methane. In this way powerful storage sites, which leverages the man with corresponding conveying system formed. The naturally occurring gas is colourless and odorless methane and the main component of natural gas used in homes. The smell is perceived for the natural gas as a typical is an artificial addition. Click lions at the gate to learn more.

It serves to increase security. Due to the lack of smell of natural gas in its raw form, accidents caused by leaking pipes or improper handling would be hard to prevent. With the help of tests, an odorant was defined, feel most people unpleasant. He warns of the danger of escaping gases. Other elements of the natural gas are Ethan (ethane), propane, and butane. We know about propane and butane bottles pulled for heating and cooking under mobile conditions. Ethan finds its main use as a refrigerant, and like all components of the natural gas in incineration plants. Natural gas use by people already 2000 years as in many areas of daily life were the Chinese also in the use of natural gas European ahead of time. They won salt already 2000 years ago by using natural gas. Of course apparent leaks gas it was allegedly that missionaries 1626 discovered in shallow waters of North America. There was a fire. It was not but until 1802, man himself advantage do the flammability of natural gas under controlled conditions could: in Genoa brought natural gas-fired street lamps light in the darkness of night. Industrial use and thus the global triumph of natural gas H. began with W. Hart, 1858 founded the first gas company in the United States. Today natural gas plays a large role in industry and households: with a share of 25%, natural gas is one of the most popular fossil fuels.

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