Myths About Distance Learning

xxi century – the century of information. Education here – the main criterion. Have higher education – it is fashionable, it is prestigious, it is beneficial. Higher education – meant to keep pace with the times. As technology improved of tourism business, medicine, media and other spheres of human activity. Certainly improved and the education system. Consequently, we are improving! xxi century gives us a new form of training – on-line learning (Distance education). Distance learning solves three major problems: the problem of time, money problem, the problem of distances. Myth 1. = Distance learning correspondence courses. In fact, remote training and distance learning – two very different things. And it is not even at the venue Distance learning involves not only the exchange of information and control of learning, and provides the possibility of organizing communication with both teachers and students together. Studying at the correspondence department, you will need a minimum of twice a year during the month to attend the lectures. Distance learning – learning at home. Myth 2. Distance education exists only for experts pc users. In order to learn on-line, at the first stage requires only the initial skills of work with a PC: the ability to turn on and off the computer, working in Microsoft Office and with a network of Internet. Myth 3. When distance education knowledge quality is lower than for other forms of learning. Everything depends on you! You individually consider the need for scientific literature, you decide to check, communicate remotely with a tutor, an experienced teacher on the Internet.

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