Mr Lars Meier

This announcement comes not from about! The current location of the Global economy is a bypass of the increase of interest rates almost inevitable. Why? Inflation is the open secret. What does this mean for our fresh owners? He should be mentioned already now”reflect, how he can secure a favourable long interest rate and place a high repayment. That will be, except that he comprehensively can consult his local bank or a suitable financing partners, not too difficult for the future owner. But what about those who have already financed and built and a favorable interest? The risk of rollover is coming, so the follow-on financing for this owner.

This is a fact which this owner can not close. The so-called forward loan is to protect an interesting possibility for owners before the rollover risk and secure today the condition of interest for the follow-on financing. Free risk calculation engine to the follow-up funding renewal under the Link:… Another variation is the possibility of a housing cooperative that provides maximum security, to secure its future interest rates for private homes. Mr Lars Meier, who has worked for over 10 years in the cooperative sector, says:, a protection of property, through interest rates remain the same, is to implement thoroughly on a housing association over a long period. This is an attractive complement or even an alternative property assurance for property owners with the protection against access of third parties.

It is a very interesting alternative to the previously described possibilities at an interest rate of 4.5% p.a. over 25 years. These conditions are accessible only to members of the cooperative.” To put in time deal with this topic and already a suitable variant of follow-on financing to deal with is important. More information on the topic here: this free calculator was commissioned which programmed target purchase EC GenoBau and is freely usable for everyone to calculate.

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