Modern Age

This metaphor describes diverse people chained in a cave looking at for a shade in the wall of this cave, with the format of flames of a fogueira, insured for other men who if find in the entrance of the cave. Behind the chained people, it has a great mount, full of rises and obstacles, and back in the high one of this mount it is the true fogueira, which it projected its shade in that wall, seen for the chained ones. In this direction, we can interpret this metaphor as the process in which the absolute truth must be searched by the philosophers, and later expanded and divulged for these, so that if it arrives at the essence of the things. Thus, citing a present idea in the text ' ' The method as part of a field epistmico' ' , we can say that, in comparison with the science at the time of Plato and science as if it finds today, we can perceive that in both the cases ' ' the objective is one only: to reduce the horizontalidade of the events to the upright of conhecimento' ' (Garci’a-Roza, 1983, P. 10). With this phrase, we can infer that the objective of science is to catch the phenomena of the nature, in its vastness of indefinies, 0 variable and disarticulations, and transform them into a reading in which the interpretation is universal, inconfundvel e, over all, verdica. Thus, ' ' upright of conhecimento' ' it consists of a set of laws and rules necessary to process an event of the nature or, in the case of social sciences, the society, to the level of the scientific knowledge, so that this ' ' passagem' ' either made of safe form and in the preservation of the truth. Being thus, this question will be developed in the metodolgico and historical jump of analysis, in the ticket of the Old Age for the Modern Age, with Discardings and Bacon.

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