In particular, the extra long cut turns out repeatedly as a highlight. Finally nothing out of his pants slipping and man moves the cold showers no longer accurately in the most sensitive region by the kidneys”. The abused often referred to as vest T-Shirts have precisely this disadvantage. You are too short. Also they are too fat, too far, too high closed and thus make the most beautiful shirt just unsightly.

With a nice body forms customized vest which extra long warm just the zone under the waistband, no wrinkles and not wearing by his particularly fine and thin fabric under the shirt, everyday life is simply better to master. What many people don’t know: the vest fulfills two functions that seem so contradictory at first glance upon closer but just precisely the vest so awesome make. The more known feature, is warming. Under the shirt a pleasant, pleasantly warm layer that prevents the rather cold fabric of the upper shirt directly on the skin felt. Just tank tops from Micromodal give a particularly tender, almost streichelndes feeling of heat luxury on your skin. But the more interesting feature is that the moisture absorption. Finally man is also sometime in the cold autumn morning in the Office the heaters running at full speed, pending the meeting, nerves are raw and it’s almost anyone to avoid: work up a sweat.

And exactly here the vest in which it evenly absorbs the sweat and distributed in the fibers, without requiring the wearer felt the feeling of moisture on the skin helps again. The very positive side effect: no sweat stains on the shirt. The neat appearance of the man is thus still supported. The cellulose fibre MicroModal is one of the most valuable and finest microfibres. With an incredible softness, it nestles on the body like a second skin. Micromodal is breathable and anti-static. The cellulose extracted from the natural raw material wood and has a while to cotton comparatively positive eco-balance on. Precisely, the vest is always the ideal companion in the business clothing in winter as in summer. Alternatively – according to Office dress codes the Micromodal undershirt v-neck or round neck Variant can be worn. Who can work even without a tie and with an open shirt button in the Office, choose Variant the V-neck, so that the edge of the Unterhemdes not under the open shirt collar which seems easy. Daily tie or loop the classical round neckline is recommended. Who tends rather to the sweating is perfectly from cold and too much humidity with the short arm model. Alternatively is the sleeveless model with the invisible “editing available. Like all models of the lingerie manufacturer ALBERT cross the Micromodal series with the special cut bears, where the seams of Unterhemdes from standard shirts that are matched. White or black vests, therefore, remain largely invisible. It is therefore clear: the ideal companion of the man, especially in the cold season, his vest is.

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